GET City

Ages: 9 - 17

GET City is a year round program for youth focused on the science and engineering of energy sustainability using advanced Information Technologies (IT). The program provides youth with:

  • Experiences with advanced IT skills (i.e., GIS, data management and acquisition systems, data analysis tools, and communication tools).
  • Opportunities to develop scientific research skills and conceptual understanding related to energy technologies, production, and sustainability.
  • Job skills development for the growing IT market and an awareness of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) careers.
  • A curriculum for informal science and IT education that can be adapted for other urban communities.

This is an innovative program that focuses on Green Engineering Technologies (GET). In conjunction with Michigan State University, we are providing kids with a state of the art mobile lab, full of MacBooks, as well as an avenue to explore the engineering field. These kids are learning many skills in a non-traditional learning environment.

This program is designed to introduce Engineering and Science to Club Members. Those selected will gain educational experiences in advanced information technology, energy, sustainability and environmental health. The course is instructed by MSU professors and graduate students. This is available to 6th - 9th graders.

Learn more at the GET City website.